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First Year Experience

At SRU, Students Come First

To help you build a foundation of learning and success from the very start, Slippery Rock University created First Year Studies. FYRST includes an array of initiatives that will make your transition to higher education easier.

FYRST Year Seminar

Designed to teach you study skills such as note-taking and time management, this one-credit course gives you the tools you need to excel and a broad view of what to expect during your first year.

The FYRST Seminar provides opportunities to get involved in the campus community through special programs, services and technology. You may also enroll in a seminar related to your major for an in-depth introduction to your studies.

Tutoring Center

SRU tutors are highly qualified students from a wide range of academic departments. Free individual and group tutoring is available to students enrolled in one of 90+ introductory-level liberal studies courses. The primary goals of tutoring are to develop stronger study skills and support the classroom experience with explanations of specific course content.

Academic Advisement

Your academic adviser is one of the most valuable allies you’ll have during your first year at Slippery Rock University, helping with everything from course selection to the overall adjustment to college life. The Academic Advisement Center coordinates the University’s first-year advisement activities and exploratory program, supporting both faculty advisers and students.

Learning Community Clusters

Enhance your first year of college by learning with a carefully chosen cohort of students. Learning Community Clusters allow you to enroll in a series of classes with the same students, which enables you to get to know one another better and develop a sense of community within the academic experience.

Living Learning Communities

Make your first year in the residence halls more memorable by choosing to live in one of our Living Learning Communities, which allow you to share academic and leadership interests.

Counseling Center

Our staff is comprised of a licensed psychologist and several doctoral-level counselors specifically trained to assist with issues that college students face. All services offered at the Counseling Center are free and confidential.

Health Services

The McLachlan Student Health Center is available to students 24/7 during the school year. Nurse practitioners and registered nurses are on staff to provide primary care; licensed physicians are available by appointment. Complimentary emergency transportation from the health center is provided to nearby hospitals when necessary.